What A Peach

I’d like to tell you about my sister and how amazing she is.

It’s always been just the two of us, and in many ways, by dent of my being her big brother, she’s sort of lived in my shadow.

So I’m moved to tell the world that my little sister is a supremely competent professional and a peach, to boot. She’s an Associate Broker at Max Broock Realtors, working out of the Birmingham office, and really has distinguished herself. In fact, she’s the most prolific realtor in Franklin, a 2.7-square-mile village that’s more than its cider mill. It’s situated on ravines, and its 3,000 residents enjoy the vintage downtown and their estate-style homes.

I am very proud of her. Linda is well known throughout Michigan for her considerable skills and real estate acumen. In the business for about 17 years, she has this wonderful personality, plus a commitment to giving 100 percent of herself. She’s handled work for folks in my company, and for friends and family members. To a person, the e-mails about her are glowing. Everybody’s absolutely thrilled.

LindaShe’s just brimming with enthusiasm, from when she gets a listing to when she handles a closing. Linda’s rather tiny in stature — about five feet — but she’s like Godzilla when it comes to energy. And she works uncommonly hard.  Seventeen-hour days are not uncommon. Her workweeks often stretch to seven days.

If it sounds like I’m gushing, I am. And here’s more: she treats all her clients like family members. She sort of brings them into her orbit and takes good care of them. And what is truly remarkable is, the relationships continue after the sale. She and they become close friends. You know, when negotiations are involved, that’s just not a given. It’s very impressive. And when she doesn’t sell she tends to feel her clients’ angst. She becomes so involved, their wants and needs and desires become hers, too.

But then, Linda’s always was a people person. As a kid she was  social and surrounded by people.  She truly was friendly, clever and bright.  Dad expected that she would come into the business, not me. My interests were more in science.

But Linda’s found her calling; she’s cut out for real estate. She must have known it too, since she made a conscious decision to go into it.

Have I mentioned that she’s a great sister? She’s married, has a daughter, a University of Michigan medical school graduate who is now a resident at Washington University at St. Louis and a son who is Marketing and PR Manager for the Arkansas Naturals minor league baseball team. She even loves her dogs Tucker and Piper as much as I love my hounds. But, she always has time for me. She sort of took up where mom left off, looking after her brother.

She always has.

American writer Gail Sheehy said it: “Children come and eventually they go. Friends grow up and move away. But the one thing that’s never lost is our sister.”

Thank goodness. She’s someone to look up to. Even though she’s only 5 feet tall

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