Imported from Detroit

I’m still kvelling over Chrysler’s Imported From Detroit commercial that debuted during the Super Bowl. I bet a lot of you are, too. That spot was magnificent, not only because it was well done, but because it told the world the truth. That’s what was so moving. It perfectly captured our very essence. Hell, it even prompted me to buy a Jeep Cherokee.

But we Detroiters – yes, all of us here are Detroiters – already knew that despite all our problems, we are a proud, resilient people, bloodied but unbowed, shaken but never-say-die.

Sometimes I feel like we’re one of those characters on the Jerry Springer Show, crying “You don’t know me!” to a jeering audience.

We are so misunderstood.

But for every naysayer there’s a Rudy Hendrix, a small-business owner who looks forward to each new dawn. Hendrix is the spirit of Detroit, a gentleman and brilliant entrepreneur who happens to produce some of the best victuals around.

Hendrix (yes, brother of Freman Hendrix) is the proprietor and pit master at Lady Louisa’s Place, a warm, cozy restaurant on McNichols near Greenfield. I stopped in there some months ago and enjoyed some really outstanding comfort fare. I’m craving some fried okra and tomatoes right now (it’s not really fried; more like sautéed).


And the man is self-taught. He started cooking for his family 15 years ago, just holidays at first. His grub became so well received – particularly those tender ribs – that he went and expanded his kitchen into his own restaurant. He goes the extra mile with all that he does. “Quality and consistency have to be just right,” he said, “and customer service will always come first.”

Hendrix could have gone big and opened a big-box spot, but he wanted Lady Louisa’s to be a neighborhood kind of place. He takes pride in serving his neighbors, who hail from all over Metro Detroit, comfort food cooked fresh daily, using the best ingredients.

“We cook with love and affection the same way your mother and grandmother did,” he said of his restaurant, named after his late paternal grandmother. “This is food you remember from your childhood.”


Why should Jim Hiller blog about Rudy? You see, this is how we’ve gotten by, in the face of all manner of adversity: by helping each other, extending our hands across boundaries and, time after time, rallying back, lifting each other up and urging each other on.

After all:

This is the Motor City.

And this is what we do.


Imported from Detroit — 4 Comments

  1. Mr. Hiller,

    I work at THE medical school and Mr. Hendrix has been catering many of our events since Lady Louisas first opened. For larger events, he delivers. For smaller ones, I drive from Ann Arbor to Detroit to pick up the food. Some people think that I am crazy for making the trip, but it is well worth it to me. The food is consistently great. My favorite is the mac and cheese, and the barbecued wings. The medical students are crazy about his food. Crazy! Please bring Lady Louisas to the Washtenaw store. I assure you that there will be a market for good, comfort food.

    The students are also crazy about Grandad’s Sweet Tea. I will be in the Washtenaw Store today picking some up for the students, and my personal stash (that I keep in a cooler in my car).

    I, too, am a proud Detroiter. I graduated from Cass Technical High School and Wayne State. I still attend church in Detroit.

    Thank you so much for acknowledging and supporting minority-based small businesses from Detroit. It is great to see that people who are from Detroit haven’t forgotten their roots.

  2. It is scrumptious food! the man knows how to “throw down!” If you have not tried it, you are missing a great treat. One time and you will be hooked.

  3. Hello,

    Glad to see the Hiller’s store trying to give others a leg up. Fantastic! Now, when are you coming to South Lyon? I need all the wonderful goodies you have at your five mile store. I like the Northville store as well, but it is to small. Please hurry, I’m starving for some variety out here.

  4. After reading your post about Lady Louisa’s I convinced my husband to make the trip from Commerce to check them out. Wow! Rudy was so friendly and so enthusiastic about his food. My husband is normally very picky and potatoes are about the only vegetable he’ll eat, but Rudy had him trying cabbage, beans and okra to name a few. He liked everything he was offered and even bought a few more sides to take home for later. I’d love to see the Mac’n’Cheese, Fried Corn, Red Beans and Rice, Greens…or any of his foods at the Commerce/Union Lake store. We’ll be going back to Lady Louisa’s soon, it’s a taste of home for this TN native and I can’t thank you enough for pointing me in their direction!

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