The Big Picture

Our economy is so challenged these days, many are quaking in their boots. In our lifetime, we have not endured such stark economic realities, wondering which bank will fall next, which job will end for someone this week.

And if you are a business owner, you face questions of how to run a lean operation without compromising quality.

I’ve been a businessman with a heart for four decades, driven by an ethic to do what is right, to do good and to do well. If you know me even a little, you know I’ll never sell cheap food with shady origins so I can pad my pockets. Some years, I take less so you can take more.

Last week, when Toni posted the following comment to my blog, “And Now For Something Completely Different,” I sat before my computer screen, nodding, because she gets it.

Toni wrote the following:

“WALMART!?  Who with a conscience shops there anymore????????????????????

Paying a dime less for something made by a child working in a sweat shop is NOT cheaper in the long run. It doesn’t help the child…the people working at Walmart do NOT make a decent wage with good benefits. It is a store that is HOSTILE to labor.

When I purchase something at Hiller’s, I am investing in PEOPLE…the employees make a decent wage and have benefits, those higher wages are spent in the community, the contributions those employees make to local and federal taxes help sustain us all….LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE!”

When times are tough, the instinct is to shed layers. Don’t buy the expensive cheese or a bottle of wine for a romantic dinner this weekend.

But we all need to eat. And looking at the big picture, you know that if you save a dime buying cheap food, you will pay later with poor health, lack of nutrients or simple dissatisfaction.

At Hiller’s you get quality AND value. With our new store brand, Our Family, and an extensive array of specialty, gourmet and ethnic items – not to mention the widest selection of gluten-free and allergy-sensitive products in the Midwest – Hiller’s has everything you need – and quite a bit more.

Think about it this way. By shopping at Hiller’s, you invest your hard-earned dollars in your hometown. You support a locally-owned company which supports local food producers and farmers. And you don’t waste precious fuel money shuttling between stores to get everything you need.

Thank you, Toni, for getting it. And thank you, Hiller’s shoppers, for your devoted support.


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  1. I loved the comments from Toni above. I’m all for everything she had to say. And may I add, there is something about walking into a Hiller’s market. Somehow I always feel that I will find everything I need and I know that everything is quality. It’s a feeling that I just have. I can’t explain it.
    Keep it going Jim, but really watch those prices because there is another market going in across the street for which I probably will never go into. Keep up the good work. Kaye
    ps. I make a killer of an apple crisp/apple mountain that my friends want me to make for them all the time!:)

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