Our Ruth Mossok Johnston

When she was five, a hospitalized Ruth Mossok refused to eat the “institutional” meals served her, so her father would bring three meals daily from her favorite restaurants. Her visiting mom, meanwhile, would nibble from Ruth’s untouched trays (which Ruth found hilarious).

So began the career of  food diva Ruth Mossok Johnston, Hiller’s new Prepared Food Director.  Ruth is an interesting, fabulously talented, highly creative woman who provides our customers with all manner of healthful and truly scrumptious dishes, using the freshest of ingredients. She’s always ahead of the food-trend curve because she loves food and everything about it.

Ruth is the author of cookbooks — including the acclaimed “The Art of Cooking Morels” — and is a food journalist and culinary consultant. She has contributed to the Detroit Free Press, Jewish News, and Christian Science Monitor, among others.

But let me tell you more about what shaped her. For example, as a youngster Ruth had an abnormal sensitivity to tastes and odors, so she balked at dining in the school cafeteria. A couple of days a week her parents would fork over lunch money and, at eight years old, she’d head to the burger joint down the street and nosh at the counter. “That was my precursor to becoming a restaurant critic,” she says, which she was for some time.

Previously, Ruth was the Editorial Director for Glencoe/McGraw Hill, heading the division of Family and Consumer Science, which includes all books on food, nutrition, culinary arts, clothing and interior design. The Eastern Michigan University and University of Michigan graduate has taken several master classes with renowned chefs, and was even the marketing coordinator for a Napa Valley wine program.

At Hiller’s, she oversees prepared foods for all of our stores, develops all recipes and product food styling, teaches classes, plans menus, writes ads, cooks for special events, and manages staff at all locations.

We love that we have Ruth Mossok Johnston. And we know you will, too.

Come check out her creations in our prepared foods sections.

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