Scrip Card

If you already have a Hiller’s Scrip Card and would like to check the remaining balance CLICK HERE.

“Our school calls this the Free, Easy and Painless Fundraising
Program. We are able to raise money year-round with Scrip cards. Thank
you for helping support our school!”
- Dee, Pleasant Lake Elementary School

“The Hiller’s process was absolutely painless. With other stores,
it’s cumbersome and slow. Thanks to Hiller’s for making fundraising so
- Val, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

Dear Friends:

In 1993, Hiller’s Markets began partnering with hundreds of churches, synagogues, schools and other non-profit organizations to help them raise money by shopping at Hiller’s. Hiller’s Scrip cards are provided to participating groups whose members then activate the cards to pay for their purchases.

Since the onset of the program, Hiller’s has donated 5% from every Scrip card activation and reload. We have now broadened the scope of our Scrip program by increasing the maximum donation to 6% of total dollar value of all purchases. Hiller’s believes that this increase further demonstrates our commitment to causes that matter to our customers.

As of September 26, 2011, Hiller’s Scrip program has changed to a tiered format, structured to give those who are dedicated a chance to earn even more for their chosen causes. We will donate as follows:

* 3% of cumulative annual Scrip purchases up to $30,000
* 4% of cumulative annual Scrip purchases between $30,001 and $50,000
* 5% of cumulative annual Scrip purchases between $50,001 and $250,000
* 6% of cumulative annual Scrip purchases over $250,000*

Hiller’s is proud to offer this opportunity to maximize the value of participants’ grocery dollars.

Best regards,


James A. Hiller

Totals reset to zero at the beginning of each calendar year. For additional details on the new Scrip program, please contact Hiller’s Scrip Coordinator, at (248) 355-2122 or email us.