Local Flavors

Michigan-Grown Produce

michigan_guyMichigan’s climate and terrain are perfect for growing a variety of crops. For eight months of every year, Hiller’s shoppers find local products in the produce section.

At Hiller’s, you’ll know a Michigan product by its mitten-state shelf tag. Look for locally-grown fruits and vegetables from June through late fall and enjoy the taste of our home state!


Fruit grows best when sun, rain and the right climate all work together in concert. When one is thrown off, crops suffer. Adverse weather conditions can curtail a normal growing season by as much as a month, shortening the window of opportunity for obtaining certain fruits.

As with all fresh produce, whatever is in-season—growing right now and within reach—is easiest to obtain and stock in stores. The more rare a fruit is, the harder it is to obtain, and the more expensive it will be. Pricing depends upon many factors, among them distance traveled, abundance of a particular crop and consumer demand.

All items listed here are theoretically available when the appropriate growing and harvesting factors align. Sometimes, you’ll find products available in limited quantities, while supplies last, at certain stores only. But we do our best to provide a wide array of fresh, delectable produce items for all Hiller’s shoppers.

Many stores sell produce that sits for as long as a week after being harvested before it reaches supermarket shelves. That won’t happen at Hiller’s.

The best organic food is grown close to home. At Hiller’s, you’ll find the best taste and flavor from hard-working local producers. We support local farms and try to diminish the distance a food must travel before it is consumed. We have long-lasting relationships with Michigan farmers, dairy vendors and meat processors.

Michigan August Vegetables

Yellow onions

Squash – acorn, butternut, buttercup, hubbard, spaghetti, turbin squash, sweet potato, dumpling

Cherry tomatoes

Apples – Macintosh, Gala, Fuji, Red Delicious, Empire, Spy

Honeyrock Melons