Global Exploration

Food is an important part of cultural navigation and understanding. At Hiller’s you’ll find the essential ingredients behind many of the world’s best culinary traditions. Here are a few that we’re proud to stock, among the many international culinary delights you’ll find at Hiller’s.


Subtle, dedicated use of spices and herbs like the garam masala mixture, turmeric and cumin typifies Indian food. India has many native cuisines, ranging from the vegetarianism favored by Hindu and Jain populations to traditional dishes that include chicken, goat, lamb and fish. Staples of Indian cuisine include rice, red lentils, special oils (groundnut, mustard, coconut and sunflower) and ghee, or clarified butter. An array of chutneys and pickles accompany the best Indian dishes.


Russian food is more than sharp vodka on a cold night. Responding to its harsh climate and mostly rural demographic, Russian cuisine developed from a way to sustain a peasant population into a sophisticated combination of plentiful crops. Russia’s culinary foundations feature the wide availability of fish, poultry, game, mushrooms, berries and honey as well as rye, wheat, barley and millet. Try smoked meats and fish, filling soups and the satisfying taste of pastries and pickled delicacies.

Middle Eastern

For most Americans, Middle Eastern food begins and ends with hummos. At Hiller’s, we understand the varied flavors of the Middle East – from Labne yogurt and stuffed grape leaves to pita, flatbreads and chickpeas, the building blocks of this widely varied cuisine. From Turkey to Armenia to Israel and North Africa, Middle Eastern cuisine includes the flavors of many nations and the influences of the Mediterranean. Lamb and rice are common as are vegetarian dishes that use lemon, olives, cumin, eggplant and lentils, among other ingredients.

Latin American

As with every regional cuisine, Latin American foods reflect an array of countries and cultures that have been influenced by native peoples as well as conquering countries. Hiller’s offers a comprehensive selection of salsas, sauces and spices representing the Latin American palate as well as tortillas and beverages that boast the flavors of nations from Mexico to Chile. Menus often center on maize-based dishes like tacos, tamales and enchiladas, accented with avocado, mole and tomato.