Asian Foods

Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese, Indian. All of these nuanced ethnic cuisines have a home at Hiller’s – from cooking sauces and marinades to chile relishes and curry pastes.

Looking for the right spice to bring home authentic taste? Try hot mustards, black bean sauces, Szechuan and Tandoori.

Beyond our comprehensive Asian foods department, you’ll be thrilled with the Hiller’s Japanese food section. Filled by Kyoko Watanabe, a lifelong chef and culinary expert from Tokyo, Hiller’s sells Japanese food items you won’t find anywhere else in Michigan.

“I was born in a restaurant,” says Kyoko, whose husband owned the upscale sushi restaurant, Musashi. Kyoko learned to cook by watching her mother prepare sensory-rich dishes.

“The Japanese say, ‘If you grow up in front of a Temple, you know how to chant – you listen to the prayers every morning and afternoon,’” says Kyoko. “My mother used to tell me, ‘If you want to learn to cook, watch.’”

Every Saturday, Kyoko leads cooking classes at the Hiller’s 14 Mile and Haggerty store – the location of Hiller’s largest Japanese foods selection. That’s where you’ll find 800 authentic Japanese items – all the makings for sushi to pork buns, sashimi-grade fish and 25 different Japanese pickles, plus varieties of miso, sake, shochu and oolong tea.

Kyoko invites shoppers to call with any request – food-related or simply to help understand the words.

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