I Want You To Love Me

Every relationship begins with a dance. He calls, she answers. They meet for coffee. He waits two days to call, not wanting to appear too eager, though he is. She lets the machine answer, waits hours, maybe a day, before calling back. The second date is dinner at a loud, low-lit place where they talk but also people-watch to divert the intensity of thought and unspoken what-ifs.

There are two kinds of silence: the kind we seek and the kind we flee. Real relationships – true love, dare I say – can only exist when the first has been fulfilled and the latter banished. That is the kind of relationship everyone hopes and dreams for, but one which too few people find.

Only people who can sit in silence have the ability to get drunk on true love. Ignoring the ringing phone, staring out a window, noticing the pink edges of the sunrise or the comet-trail of moonlight.

We are residents of a cast-off world. As half of all marriages crumble, as we line up for botox and liposuction, as we wear metaphorical masks, we forget that we are running only from ourselves. You are unique. And Hiller’s is the one place where you can be totally yourself, where we will meet your needs in fresh and surprising ways, where you will find more than you were looking for.

It is when we least expect to find connection that it happens most deeply. When we are not looking, when we don’t even realize we need it, that someone or something finds us and then it clicks – we forget how we ever lived BEFORE. And then the world comes alive in waves of streaky sky and tulips tilting into the wind, of fresh soil turned over to the promise of new growth and a season ahead of sweet fruit, long yields, skin to moist earth to wrest free something that has grown and developed and blossomed just so we can take a sweet bite.

The phone rings. He is calling for a third date, sitting at his desk, staring out the window at the yellow sun. He cannot work because his mind is on her. She answers this time and looks at the calendar which she already knows by heart. Yes, she says, Saturday night is great.

Though they don’t say it – they can’t – they know deep down what they want from this dance. I want you to love me, to really love me at the core, to know me and still to love me. The age-old desire for acceptance, for unconditional eyes-open gleeful YES I REALLY WANT YOU. The universal need for lasting connection even in the face of absolute truth.

Hiller’s is a supermarket. But Hiller’s is so much more than a place to buy grapefruits, peach juice, whole-grain crackers, hormone-free beef. I don’t want to be just any old store to you, a first date like any other, devoid of expectations but filled with hope. I don’t want to be something to check off your to-do list. I want to be a destination, a place that makes you smile. I want to be loved, and I want our love to blossom like the first summer flowers and then the garden that creeps its way slowly up from the dark to finally overtake all that the eye can see, yielding vast abundant fruits across the green. Real love. With you.

Hiller’s is the place for people who consciously choose their lives. If you’re willing to take chances, Hiller’s is your place.

The other day, I sat before the ocean and watched sunlight glint like diamonds off the buckling waters. The air was crisp, holding the scent of seashells in its grasp. A couple strolled along the low tide, their dog yipping as he ran close then doubled back, not wanting to get wet. I leaned into the arms of the muse and stared out to sea. An island with its lighthouse on the horizon became a boat that would take me anywhere.

There are no limits if we open our eyes. Every choice, every lifestyle, is an open-ended anticipation of what’s stocked neatly in the pantry and what’s to come tomorrow. Every choice is an opportunity to find love – love of self, love of the moment, love of another. I want you to love me and I promise, you won’t get hurt. I will love you back fully, for as long as you’ll let me. Step inside. Put your hand in mine. You won’t be sorry.



I Want You To Love Me — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Jim,

    Nice blog…unfortunately, you customer service leaves a bit to be desired and has left me to look for an alternative grocer.

    Let me explain, I have been shopping regularly at Hillers on Washtenaw in Ann Arbor since we moved to the area. I have always liked the quality and variety of meat, fish and produce that you carry. My wife and I have two children, I often take my two year old with me to the store. He enjoys shopping and I have always allowed him to pick a small apple and eat it while we were shopping. It is good distraction and a healthy snack. I allowed him to do this because I thought that you had a policy that allowed children to eat an apply while in store in addition to the free balloon and cookie (though I rarely took you up on the other two). Today, while I was shopping my two year old grabbed an apple and started eating. When we went to the check out, the clerk as if we had brought it in or if we planned to pay for it. I told her that I thought that children were allowed to have an apple while in store. My wife had told me that she had discovered the policy when she was in the store previously and our child took an apple and she had offered to pay for it. The clerk had told her that it wasn’t a big deal and it was ok.

    Anyway, today I was told by your extremely rude clerk that I was actually “stealing” from the store and had been for the past year or so that my child had taken what we thought was a complimentary apple. While I understand and admit that I may have been incorrect about the store policy, I do not appreciate being treated so ungraciously and so rudely. The clerk was demanding that I tell her who exactly told her that this was store policy and that I needed to pay for the apple or I was stealing. She repeated that multiple times.

    I am extremely frustrated and angry. It was a simple misunderstanding and I don’t appreciate being treated so rudely. If it is that big of deal, please tell your clerk that I will mail the store a check for the roughly $2 in “stolen” apples and take my thousands of dollars in business that I have given your store over the years and go some place else.

    Please discuss your post with some of you clerks, they could use a little tact.



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