Hiller’s Meat: A Cut Above

‘d like to tell you a few things about Hiller’s meat Department because I’m very proud of it. I truly mean it when I say that few stores go out of their way, as do we, to provide you with so many choices and such quality. Our service in that department is also nonpareil Maybe that’s because it is a Service department not just a wrapped meat case that looks like a coffin.

For one thing, our meat is just meat.  Unlike others whose meat is full of pumped-in tenderizers, salt or flushed with nitrogen gas our meat is not. To compound matters, you are paying for those nasty additions; the water-based solution usually amounts to a tenth of package weight.

What’s more, if you can see excess water pooled in a package, expect meat that is less juicy and more at risk of being dry tasteless and chewy.

We also offer brands like Bell & Evans all-natural chicken – the nation’s oldest branded poulty, by the way – which contain no antibiotics or hormones. Same with Creekstone Beef, an all-natural beef that sets the standards for humane treatment and purity . As you may know, hormones increase animals’ meat yield, but could compromise consumers’ health, some studies say. Producers have fed growth-promoting antibiotics to animals for years, and some scientists have broached concerns that such use leads to human health risks. You won’t find them in any meat we sell.

Another thing we do that I’m especially proud of is to choose our own cattle . That lets us see with our own eyes the health and conformation.whole.  That way, we can better control quality. The cattle are bought locally and delivered to our stores in quarters, see. From those portions, our expert meat cutters produce the myriad cuts of meat and ground beef you see in our counters. Did you know that? We think it’s important.

You’ll also never see at Hiller’s those large recalls of ground meats. That’s because we grind on site, and from the meat we purchased whole. Shoot, even our frozen patties are produced – daily – in store. Sausages, too. Our self-service packages also come from our own meats. It’s all cleaner and more natural, and yes, better quality.

And did you know we are  happily Old School when it comes to butcher service? That’s right, we have full-service butcher counters in all our stores. It’s been this way for decades, in keeping with our tradition. This is our hallmark — personal customer service.

Just a note on meat quality: it’s defined by the meat-to-fat ratio and palatability of meat. That’s further defined by meat appearance, juiciness, tenderness and flavor. We shoot for the highest quality possible. Meat should have a normal color that is uniform throughout. Some red-meat cuts should have marbling  throughout, marbling being those small streaks of fat, indicating tenderness, juiciness and flavor.

We’ve got all kinds of primo meats, such as Japanese hand-rubbed Wagyu and Kobe beef, and Kurobuta Berkshire pork; USDA prime steaks, like the kind the best steakhouses sell; and Prairie Grove Farms Pork, the nation’s only U.S.-certified, all-natural pork producer. That’s the stuff that’s made onsite into Hiller’s signature sausage and peamealed bacon. We also feature Montana Ranch beef produced from grass-fed cattle and rich in Omega-3s and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), said to contain anti-cancer properties; Hiller’s USDA Choice Beef, including Angus and other hand-picked Midwestern beef; and our signature  Creekstone all-natural free-range beef, my personal favorite..

And remember that controversy about that gross, so-called pink slime, nickname for the mechanically processed meat product officially known as lean finely textured beef and boneless lean beef trimmings? No worries if you shop at Hiller’s. We don’t abide that junk, even if it would save us money.

As always, our value is putting you first.

Hiller’s, the way it should be.


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  1. The Proof of Pudding is in the Eating : Hiller’s can take credit for the quality of meat products that they sell. At the same time, I appreciate the magic called protein synthesis. We can easily recognize animal and plant proteins by simply experiencing the taste, flavor, and texture of the product. Man uses his culinary skills to improve the taste of the food he eats. There are only 20 kinds of amino acids and by creatively arranging them into chains called polypeptides, the uniqueness of the product is established. Proteins are important to define the structure, to perform the living functions and to defend the existence of Life. I welcome your commitment to offer high quality meat products.

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