Hiller’s is your Huckleberry

doc-holidayI’m always amused when I meet customers who tell me that they only shop at Hiller’s for holidays and important events. They believe we’re too special for everyday shopping… Apparently they have overlooked the fact that we have Froot Loops , Pepsi, Spam,Tide and Charmin toilet paper and all at very competitive prices… It’s true… Hiller’s has everything from Spam to caviar; not only caviar. There’s about 50,000 items in between that covers everything a family needs day to day and week to week. Best of all it’s all under one roof so you don’t need to waste fuel driving to different places to satisfy your grocery needs.  We even give you loyalty club points for every dollar you spend at Hiller’s which translates to special offer’s, free products, reduced prices and even charitable donations.

Am I biased? Of course I am, but why not see for yourself. Compare our aisles to any or all of our competitors. I’m confident that you’ll conclude what so many of your friends and neighbors already have. Hiller’s provides genuine value. And, when price and value coexist it’s a beautiful and rare thing…

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