Fleshy Fungi

Here’s a lot of stuff you don’t have to know:

What’s the difference between mushrooms and toadstools?
Nothing really. The words are often used interchangeably, but in some regions toadstools are understood to be poisonous mushrooms. Biologically, they are called Agaricales. (I think.)

How many varieties of mushrooms and/or toadstools are there?
38,000 give or take a few.

Are mushrooms a vegetable?
No. Why do you ask?

What mushrooms create a hallucinogenic effect?
You are not allowed to know this since we don’t sell them.

Why are mushrooms grown on beds of manure?
Mushrooms do not know about Imodium.

And here’s some stuff you ought to know:

What varieties of mushrooms are most popular in the Northern Hemisphere?
There are nine: Agaricus, Chanterelles (girolle), Crimini, Enoki,
Morel, Pleurotus (oyster), Porcino, Portabello and Shiitake.

Why did you leave out Matsutake Mushrooms?
Just so you would ask the question. Matsutakes were first grown by the Japanese on downed pine trees, in fact, the word “Matsutake” translated into English means “Pine Mushroom.” Today they are grown in Japan, Korea, and a few places in Canada, but some of the best come from the pine forests of Oregon where they grow wild. They are magic, you know. They are the consummate health food in Japan. It has been said “one cooks the Matsutake until one can eat the aroma.” They are the best and extremely rare.

Do you sell Matsutake mushrooms?
Of course.

Jim Hiller

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