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From commodity wines that everyone expects to find in a supermarket to rare vintages from little-known, boutique wineries, Hiller’s has a wide selection.

At Hiller’s, you’ll find wines that are a good buy AND pleasing to the palate. As with everything we sell, wine is something Hiller’s shoppers appreciate and savor.

Hiller’s Wine Buyer, Eric Novak has been buying, tasting and appreciating wine for 40 years. He came to Hiller’s in 1998, after an academic career at Harvard University and a career in the restaurant industry. His mission is to “find ways to get more interesting wines out there for people to try. There’s more terrific wine on the market than ever before,” he says.

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Catch Wine Director Eric Novak’s thoughts on wine at Voices on Food, a Hiller’s blog about all aspects of taste and flavor.


Every Hiller’s store has a different mix of beers familiar and remote. From Budweiser and Molson to labels from Belgium, Germany, Russia, India, Lebanon, Italy, Sri Lanka, and more, Hiller’s offers American craft, Michigan-made, artisan ale and foreign beers.

Step inside our walk-in coolers and dedicated Michigan beer sections at Union Lake, Commerce Township and Ann Arbor. You’ll also find Indian beer, brews from Brazil, the Philippines, Germany and Russia.

Exotic staples at every store include Belgian Trappist ales, Sri Lankan Lions Stout and Almaza from Lebanon. Hiller’s carries more than 400 different labels among its stores.

Buyer Stephen Brooks acknowledges the depth and variety of the beer world. He appreciates the different strains of hops, brewing methods and regional differences.

“Beer has all the complexity of the wine world with a laid-back aura to it,” says Stephen.

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