The Rest

Guided for decades by head grocery supervisor Larry Krispin, our inventory is deliberate and complete, with thousands of enticing products satisfying consumers seeking the familiar and the new.

At Hiller’s, the shelves are stocked no matter the hour of the day – we pride ourselves on filling shelves as fast as they empty.

From rows upon rows of local, organic and well-known dairy brands to clean, neat, extensive frozen selections to the Sanders ice cream parlors in the front of our newest stores, Hiller’s emphasizes local flavor and wide selection. We sell Guernsey Dairy products and in our Ann Arbor store, glass bottles of Calder milk.

We lead the pack in our selection of gluten-free items, Asian foods, British edibles and kosher victuals. Looking for something obscure? Let us know – we’ll get it ASAP. Use our Request Line today.

Hiller’s: Helping You Live the Way You Choose to Live.

Hiller’s: The Way It Should Be.

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