Prepared Foods

Steak sizzles on the grill; flames spark under olive oil and thyme-marinated chicken. Garlic toasts bake in the oven. A row of 10-gallon soup pots cool in the walk-in refrigerator. At the counter, smiling staff members heat brown rice-edamame salad, faro with grilled vegetables, and thick homemade mac-and-cheese for hungry customers.

Welcome to the Hiller’s kitchen.

Every day, you’ll find 30 different entrees, sides, desserts and salads to choose from in the prepared foods case. They’re tasty and nutritious, with vegetarian, gluten-free and lowfat options, too. From familiar fare like green beans, mashed potatoes and meatloaf to goat cheese-mushroom tart, four-cheese macaroni, sesame noodles with chicken and Sicilian meatballs, there’s something for everyone.

Ruth Mossok Johnston is  Hiller’s Prepared Food Director.  Ruth is an interesting, fabulously talented, highly creative woman who provides our customers with all manner of healthful and truly scrumptious dishes, using the freshest of ingredients. She’s always ahead of the food-trend curve because she loves food and everything about it.

Ruth is the author of cookbooks — including the acclaimed “The Art of Cooking Morels” — and is a food journalist and culinary consultant. She has contributed to the Detroit Free Press, Jewish News, and Christian Science Monitor, among others.

Photo - Ruth Mossok Johnston

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