Meat & Fowl

The people behind the Hiller’s meat counter know their meat. Curt Ducharme and Fred Pawlusiak have been in the business since they were boys, learning the Hiller way under Sid’s guiding hand.

As Hiller’s meat experts, they hand-select the healthiest Grade Prime and Grade Choice cattle to become Hiller’s high-quality steaks, roasts, and chops. Ask how to cook a turkey breast, how to sauté a veal chop, how to roast a leg of lamb, how to prepare our handmade pea-meal Canadian bacon for your next brunch, and you’ll get detailed, exact answers.

Beef, pork, and poultry are USDA-certified Prime or Choice; we offer all-natural and organic, premium lamb and veal, kosher and wild game.

Selection, quality, taste. At Hiller’s, you’ll never buy meat from animals confined to cages and treated inhumanely.

  • Bell & Evans All Natural Chicken – America’s oldest branded poultry, no antibiotics or hormones
  • Japanese hand-rubbed Wagyu and Kobe beef and Kurobuta Berkshire pork
  • Hiller’s Steakhouse USDA Prime – top steaks like you’ll find at a fine restaurant
  • Great Plains Beef Certified Piedmontese Beef – all-natural, extra-lean, without hormones, steroids or antibiotics, humanely raised and handled, fed 100% vegetarian diet
  • Prairie Grove Farms Pork – the only U.S. certified all-natural pork producer, made into Hiller’s signature sausage and peamealed bacon on-site
  • Hiller’s USDA Choice Beef – hand-picked Midwestern beef, including Angus
  • Empire kosher chickens and Meal Mart kosher beef
  • Creekstone All-Natural ABF free-range Midwestern beef.

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