Fruits & Vegetables

Every morning at 2 a.m., Fabrizio Casini prowls the Produce Terminal looking for the finest fruits and vegetables. Then, his selections are sent directly to the stores and placed on the shelf by 5 a.m., at their freshest. Every piece is checked to ensure quality, then arranged in colorful displays for the fresh-flavor welcome of a farmer’s market. Hiller’s fruits and vegetables are never bruised or on their way out – they’re the best of the best, every day.

The son of a produce market owner, Fabrizio Casini grew up in Florence, Italy; he joined the family business at the age of 10.

Everything Fabrizio knows about produce selection he learned back then – that it should be artfully stacked, hand-selected, and well-supervised with absolute attention to detail. At Hiller’s, produce is displayed vividly, like a painting, with only the best merchandise and the greatest variety.

“With everything you do, if your hands are on it, it will be successful,” Fabrizio says. Note: Fabrizio will special-order whatever hard-to-find produce a customer desires!

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