Charcuterie & Fine Cheeses

797.jpgWhen Michael Hayden joined Hiller’s 30 years ago, shoppers didn’t have 150 varieties of cooked meats, salads or cheeses from around the world like they do today. And if there’s something we don’t have, “we will get it,” Michael insists.

At Hiller’s, meats and cheeses are cut to order to maintain supreme flavor and prevent oxidation. A wide array of salads include old favorites to experimental offerings like preservative-free coleslaw. Every deli counter is staffed with 15-18 people daily, including a supervisor who keeps track of customer requests.

Meat selections include Dietz & Watson, Dearborn, Kowalski and Boar’s Head, and Legacy all-natural turkey as well as kosher meats that can be cut on a kosher-only slicer.

Choose cheeses such as Holland’s Rembrandt, Mona Lisa, Belletoile brie from France, Drunken Goat, Manchego and a variety of Spanish and Irish cheeses as well as kosher cheeses in the dairy shelves.
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