Buy Local… Hiller’s Leads The Way!

With gas prices on the rise, consumers are looking for ways to save
money. Purchasing locally sourced products can do just that — help lower
the cost of grocery shopping. Buying  local  not only saves on costs to
the customer, but it allows the local farmers to grow and become more

“Petroleum costs do influence prices at the grocery store,” said Jim
Hiller, president and CEO of Hiller’s. “If a company has to travel far
to deliver products to grocery stores, the prices will be higher. That
is one significant reason to buy locally.”

michigan_web2.jpgHiller’s promotes Michigan and local products in all seven of its stores;
Michigan products are easily found by looking for the “Made in Michigan” green tag. With the cost of diesel fuel hitting an  all-time high, Hiller’s is even more committed to showcasing locally made, grown and produced food items.

In fact, Hillers led the trend of promoting local products by
highlighting locally produced items in their stores and in all of their
marketing campaigns.

“This was especially important when the state began to experience an
economic decline,” said Hiller. “We are in this together and we must
support one another.”

Jim Hiller also prides himself on partnering with like-minded
organizations that care about the region. He is a supporter of the “Buy
Michigan Now Campaign,” founded by Lisa Diggs.

“We all spend money, and making a concerted effort to buy locally is one
thing each of us can do to contribute to Michigan’s economic rebirth,
said Diggs. “Hiller’s has embraced this concept whole-heartedly. They
not only carry a wide variety of Michigan brands, but they also make it
easy for customers to find them through signage, marketing and special

Among the hundreds of local products Hiller’s sells, they feature brands
such as Global Warming Salsa, Better Made, Beirut Bakery, Pioneer
Sugar, Guernsey Farms Dairy, Olga’s Kitchen, Bareman’s, Better Made,
Hamilton Eggs, Old Orchard juices, Michigan navy beans, Bareman’s milk
and others.Check out the Hiller’s near you to find even more products.

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