About Hiller’s

“If you’ve never been to an authentic grocery store before, you’ll love Hiller’s”
says Jim Hiller.

Our grocery stores offer premier products, gourmet delectables, healthy choices, and lifestyle shopping. It has been said that we eat with our eyes before we ever take a bite. You’ll have such a sensory-rich experience at Hiller’s – how good it will feel for shopping to be enjoyable and even fun!

The company was created in 1941 by Sidney Hiller with a commitment to quality, selection, and value. Now, led by Jim Hiller, Hiller’s Markets is Michigan’s home for discerning shoppers. We listen to shoppers, and we obtain items that you request, no matter how arcane, rare, or unusual.

Hiller’s embodies Jim’s passion for food, for wine, and for excellence. The Hiller name is known for quality, variety, great taste, and unparalleled customer service.

Check out Jim’s musings at Jim Hiller’s Message From The Helm.

Hiller’s is the place for people who absolutely love food and whose desires run from the conventional to the most obscure. You’ll find it all under one roof.

Add Hiller’s to your list of Very Important Places.

Welcome to the way it should be.