Hiller’s Market specializes in the freshest produce and highest quality meats. We also offer the largest selection of quality national food brands and locally-produced Michigan favorites, and we’re known for having the best selection of hard-to-find and ethnic foods in the area.. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help with fresh, healthy, environmentally responsible, and delicious food choices for your family. We are and always have been family owned and operated here in Michigan. As members of our communities, we believe it’s not just our Hiller’s Market, it’s your Hiller’s too.

Did you know?

@myhillers…our meat has never been involved in a recall in 70 + years of business. Why?  Because our ground beef is made from the same choice beef we sell in our counter. Our standards are unique in the industry .

@myhillers…our produce is both hand selected and delivered to our stores within hours. Nobody has fresher or better fruits and veggies anywhere.. period !

@myhillers… gluten free is our middle name. We were the first in Michigan to specialize in Gluten Free products and our assortment is unparalleled anywhere. More than 5000 GF’s at last count !

@myhillers…we believe we are all in this together so we champion Michigan products and businesses and of course we are family owned and operate only in Michigan.

@myhillers… our extensive labeling helps everyone make the right choices for their family including favorites like low-sodium, non-GMO, organic and natural or just plain old good value.

@myhillers…we have a far greater selection than any other retailer ranging from every day brands to adventurous ones.  Many of our items are a result of your requests.